The Concept Qabel


We put data privacy in motion. Qabel is the first online platform that makes exchanging data as safe as technically possible. The idea behind Qabel is simple and clever at the same time - encrypting data before uploading it. Not just the NSA or other intelligence organisations, but also the host of the service itself won't have any access to the user's data any more. Since we not only share the same hometown with this young start-up, but also because we share a mutual interest in safe data, of course we had to help Qabel and their team with a trailer that introduces their eponymous software.


Client: Qabel

Directed by: Nord Nord
Production: Nord Nord

Copywriter: Martin Murch
Graphic Design: Igor Medvedev, Bureau Hardy Seiler, Ilina Catana
2D Animation: Igor Medvedev, Jonathan Winkler
3D Animation: Igor Medvedev
Particles: Dariusz Poroszewski
Sound Design: Torsten Strer
Soundlogo: Christian Gädtke
Music: Mr. Confuse
Sound Technician: Dirk Austen / Paul Productions
Voice Over: Steve Taylor