Where things come from


We put questions in motion. The animated film “Where things come” from is a two-minute trailer for an animated series on education and knowledge transfer in modern times. When a major portion of our knowledge, experience and information is perennially available on server farms, human curiosity needs a new outlet. We pose the question: What do we still want to know? In collaboration with graphic designer Hardy Seiler, this thought has given rise to a reflective and thought-provoking film.


Agency: 2470 Media

Directed by: Hardy Seiler, Nord Nord
Production: Hardy Seiler, Nord Nord

Copywriters: Hardy Seiler, Daniel Nauck
Graphic Design: Hardy Seiler
2D Animation: Jonathan Winkler
3D Animation: Jascha Müller
Sound Design: Torsten Strer
Voice Over: Wolf-Christian Ullrich