mycard2go – The prepaid Visa card


We use storytelling, we use design, we use animation, we use charismatic characters in order to tell every product’s tale. On that account we developed a series of spirited explainer-videos for mycard2go. For the unique visual style of these short stories we cooperated with the talented illustrator Casper David Engstfeld. He cleverly composed the five short episodes, that demonstrate the usage of the prepaid visa card and it’s special features. We accompany our two protagonists - Maja and Tom - as they integrate mycard2go into their everyday life intuitively and experience it’s comforts and benefits on a daily basis. Over the course of five charming chapters of 30 seconds, we follow Maja on her casual stroll through the city, meet Tom and his friends for lunch and finally travel to the french riviera with the two of them. The narrative style is elegant but playful and advertises the important features of mycard2go in a subtle way.


Client: Wirecard

Directed by: Jonathan Winkler
Production: Nord Nord

Graphic Design: Caspar David Engstfeld
2D Animation: Nord Nord
Character Animation: Igor Medvedev

Sound Design: Torsten Strer
Voice Over: Alex D'Attoma
Sound Technician: Dirk Austen (Paul Productions)

Copywriter: Martin Murch