Dominik Eulberg – Das Neunauge


We put nature in motion. For Dominik Eulberg, a music producer based in the West German Westerwald region, we produced a music video for his track "Das Neunauge" (The Lamprey). The title is part of his album Diorama, which was released in May 2011 by the Traumschallplatten. Atmospheric techno music - sombre, yet still suitable for club music. The video confronts the music and gives way to an abstract glimpse at the nature of lampreys and the darker side of their behaviour in the deep on a journey from the open ocean back to the upper reaches of rivers and the spawning grounds of these vertebrates.


Artist: Dominik Eulberg
Track: Das Neunauge
Album: Diorama
Label: Traumschallplatten

Directed by: Nord Nord
Production: Nord Nord

Actor: Michael Hube
Costume Design: Sophia Hannß
Character Design: Steffen Köritz
Assistent: Jan-Felix Kowaljow