boon. UK Commercial


London is big, noisy, multicolored, vibrant, chaotic and fascinating. Modern lifestyle blends seamlessly into royal history and generates a specific atmosphere, a pace, an omnipresent beat. As a dancer and choreograph Flockey experiences this particular dynamic in his very own, unique way. He shifts between urban aesthetic and subtle nostalgia, explores the city with a curious mind while being fueled and inspired by London’s rhythm. Boon. offers him the possibility to move freely around the city without having to worry about cash or exchange rates. As an internationally accepted method of payment and partner of Apple Pay, boon. provides Flockey with financial independence and security.


Client: Wirecard
Concept: Nord Nord
Production: Nord Nord

Actors: Christian Mavatiko aka Flockey & Lisa Volz

Director: Jonathan Winkler
1st AD: Hanna Seidel
Production Manager: Hanna Seidel
Copywriter: Zora Vera Beer

DoP: Felix Kahlo
Camera Assistant: Rene Zander
Gaffer: Christian Mansmann (Gegenlicht Design)
Best Boy: Martin Jahnke (Gegenlicht Design)
Styling: Lucy Winkler
Make-up: Sarah Nerlich
Set Assistant: Zora Vera Beer
Runner: Alexander Schröder
Field Recording: Alexander Schröder

Editor: Jonathan Winkler
Color Grading: Felix Kahlo
Sound Design: Michael Fakesch
Voice Over: Christian Mavatiko aka Flockey & Sophia Baron
Sound Technician: Dirk Austen (Paul Productions)
Vocalcoach: Mic Hale
Storyboard: Igor Medvedev

Special Thanks to:
Ole Effe
Tobias Brabanski
Sandra Giessler
Actors Connection
Media TV
Camelot Broadcast Services GmbH