Our work is an open house of ideas.


We read what people write to us, we listen to what callers tell us and we have a cup of coffee ready
for those who want to visit us. With genuine pleasure.

Nord Nord

Eleonorenstraße 18, D-30449 Hannover
Entrance 2, 2nd floor



We are always open to meeting talented freelancers and new ideas. If you'd like to present an exciting project or are generally interested in collaborating with us, contact us. We look forward to receiving your portfolio.



We are currently looking for a dedicated intern for a period of 4 to 6 months for our segments animation and film segments. If you want to put the images in your head in motion, send us a link to your work by email as well as a couple of sentences describing what you have done so far. We expect you to have technical background knowledge, experience in working with the major software and to be able to work in a team.